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For almost 400 years our name has been synonymous with high quality home moving. From the packhorses of the early seventeenth century, to the most advanced shipping and transportation methods of today, with over 800 locations in more than 40 countries Allied Pickfords has grown to become one of the largest and most respected providers of moving services, handling over 50,000 international moves every year.

First established in 1989, Allied Pickfords’ Malaysia is supported by 62 employees, excluding operations . As part of our commitment to workforce diversity, our Malaysia office employees 5 different nationalities. And in keeping with our corporate commitment to community giving, we contribute to organizations like ABWM, MANZA, IBU, AAM, all Loyal societies.


Expert international & domestic movers in Malaysia

Moving anywhere can be stressful. Moving to another country means contending with the additional complexities of language barriers, customs regulations, global security clearances and requirements and more, and heightens the need for working with a team that prizes punctuality and precise coordination. With all the stress attached, wouldn’t it be preferable to work with an expert who has helped thousands of people breeze through the moving process – someone you could rely on to make sure every detail as was perfect?

Helping people simplify the process is just what Allied Pickfords’ do best. As one of the top international moving companies in Malaysia, we take the complexity out of the process and turn it in a stress-free experience.


Malaysia’s preferred international & domestic moving company

Whether you’re moving to or from our country, ensure you work with a professional and trustworthy organisation. Allied Pickfords leads the industry; our unparalleled worldwide network extends to over 600 locations assisting in more than 50,000 moves each year.

With multilingual assistance available from experienced staff members around the world, you’ll never be more than a phone call away from someone with the local knowledge and experience needed to resolve your issue. Partner with a state-of-the-art online tracking system, you’ll be kept abreast of every development as our moving company carefully transports your possessions to your new home.


Our international movers take the stress out of the process

Work with one of the most trusted international moving companies. Whether you’re in Kuala Lumpur, London, or Sydney, you’ll appreciate the support our company can give. Every day we move than 1000 families to their new home, so become one of them. Speak to an Allied Pickfords representative and find out how easy it could be.


Choosing the right international mover

Guaranteeing a seamless moving experience

Our history goes back 400 years to a time when moving meant loading everything up on a horse-drawn carriage. Over all this time, we’ve established an unparalleled network of service providers and developed processes that guarantee no other company will be able to compete with the moving experience we can offer you. We facilitate relocations all over the world and offer customized solutions for any type of move, whether it’s local, interstate, or international.

Moving made simple

Allied Pickfords has multilingual experts all over the world - people with local experience and knowledge who understand your destination and the challenges that you might face during your move.

Allied Pickfords also gives you access to GlobalCom, our state-of-the-art online tracking system. With GlobalCom, you can find out the status of your move, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll be able to review critical dates, including survey, pickup, port departure and arrival, customs clearance and delivery.

In addition, all our Move Consultants are equipped with iPads, so that precise and thorough inventories of all your possessions can be recorded in order to provide you with an accurate cost of move.

Committed to making your move stress-free

At Allied Pickfords, we understand how stressful it can be to have all of your cherished belongings packed up and shipped off to cross the ocean in a plane or aboard a ship. As part of our commitment to guaranteeing you a smooth transition to your new home, we provide services whose quality and level of personalization no other company can match.

We begin every move by assigning a personal move coordinator who will oversee the process from the planning stages all the way to unpacking. Your move coordinator will serve as your single source for answers to important questions and guidance at each step of the move.

Allied Pickfords moves more than 1000 families a day, 365 days a year. So you can rest assured that our moving specialists are using the safest and most efficient packing techniques and materials. Our people are well trained and highly skilled, and we use the latest in high-tech security measures and shipping containers.

With Allied Pickfords:

  • Cartons are double, and even triple-walled if necessary.

  • All furniture is carefully wrapped and padded to ensure maximum protection.

  • Personal belongings are expertly packed into cartons with particular care given to delicate articles.

  • Additional protection is provided with wooden crates, acid-free tissue, bubble-wrap and polystyrene chips.

With Allied Pickfords, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands, so you can relax and let us carry the load.

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