MAB Kargo Sdn. Bhd.

MAB Kargo connects the world’s major cargo hubs via its scheduled and chartered freighter services. It also offers belly space capacity on Malaysia Airlines passenger fleet as well as cargo ground handling services. At KLIA, its home base is the Advanced Cargo Centre, a 108-acre complex designed especially for MAB Kargo's sophisticated state-of-the-art cargo handling facilities with the ability to handle up to one million tonnes of cargo annually. These features have given MAB Kargo the recognition as a major regional cargo hub within a free commercial zone.

Product and Services
Your expectations: your cargo delivered on time and securely. Get to know how your cargo will be delivered faster with the following services and facilities.

Air Freight Services

If you are looking for a special service catering to your exact requirement, we can help you by customizing a charter that could handle your needs regardless of flight routes and cargo types. Whether it is a flight to an isolated destination, precious cargo requiring special handling or special scheduling of flights, we have a dedicated service that you are able to use to suit your plans. 

MH° Centigrade 
MH° Centigrade is tailored to the needs of the life science and health care industries for reliable airport-to-airport transport. The target is to improve the performance and meet the logistical needs of temperature-sensitive goods. In partnership with Envirotainer, a leading industry pioneer of active temperature-controlled containers, MH° Centigrade provides you access to the most advanced RKN & RAP containers to transport pharmaceutical, biologics and high-value perishable products etc.

MAB Kargo SEND makes delivering your parcels from Kuala Lumpur to destinations a breeze. Simplify your business, now featuring a tranquil and convenient platform to ease your task from you and vice-versa. Customers can now opt for MAB Kargo SEND, a door to door and hassle-free delivery service that works in collaboration with Speedbox. Speedbox is a handy app that makes booking your delivery a quick and easy process for you.

Ground Handling Services

The range of ground handling services provided by MAB Kargo include:

  • Handling and administration of ULDs.

  • Physical cargo handling (export, import and transshipment).

  • Build-up and Break-down of cargo.

  • Document handling.

Advanced Cargo Centre
Flexibility. Scalability. Efficiency. Three things in mind when evaluating cargo handling needs. Introducing MAB Kargo's Advanced Cargo Centre (ACC) at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which takes cargo handling into a new dimension of security, speed and efficiency.

A distinctive feature of its own kind, MAB Kargo is a global transhipment hub complemented with other value-added services to cater the needs of our valued customers. Among them is the state-of-the-art Advanced Cargo Centre and the renowned 6-star Animal Hotel. A one-stop-centre for your cargo needs.

Express Handling
EHU is designed to handle URGENT shipments such as tender documents and courier parcels. Your cargo will have the attention of a dedicated team working in a self-reliant one-stop handling centre.

Dangerous Goods
MAB Kargo is certified to handle nine (09) classes of dangerous goods as described under IATA regulations. Our centre is able to cater to the handling of such goods from transportation, storage and handling of the necessary documentation.

Animal Hotel
With over 1,297 sq m of space, your animals or pets will have ample roaming space before their flight or upon arrival. Our facility accepts all kinds of animals such as horses, tigers, fishes, birds, reptiles and elephants. Your animals will be taken care by our team of experienced and well-trained handlers, providing constant supervision, from acceptance to delivery and during transit.

At the Animal Hotel, comfort, safety and hygiene are our top priorities, ensuring the well-being of our guests. Our facility is open 24 hours a day and includes an on-call veterinarian.


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